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Throwing Caps


With years of philanthropic experience, the New York State Builders Research and Education Foundation (REF) is the industry’s leading non-profit organization guiding students on the potential of careers in homebuilding and construction-related fields.  The REF is building a stronger foundation for New York’s future by distributing scholarships and key industry research findings.


New York State is challenged by inadequate housing supply, and the homebuilding industry is experiencing a diminished workforce. However, through scholarships, innovative education programs, and publishing key industry research, the REF is leading the way for New York State’s next generation of builders.


Through the generous support of benefactors and donors, the REF provides scholarships to students pursuing education for a career in homebuilding at a university, community college, or technical school.  Thanks to their generous support, the REF can continue creating opportunities for diversity, equity, and inclusion for future homebuilding industry leaders.


Please consider sponsoring and giving your time and experience through guidance and mentorship to new faces in our industry. 

REF Officers

Joseph Dolan

Michaels Group Homes
Capital Region Builders
& Remodelers Association

Linda Aloisio
Vice President

Uniquely Yours

Home Builders and Remodelers

Association of Mohawk Valley

Ken Feiden

Bellevue Builders Supply 

Capital Region Builders
& Remodelers Association

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